GeoExt JavaScript Essentials for Software DevelopersΒΆ

Welcome to Geospatial web application development in the world of GeoExt, the rich UI framwork on top of OpenLayers and Ext JS. This workshop is designed to introduce JavaScript as the programming language for the geospatial web around GeoExt. It assumes that the reader is a software developer familiar with the concepts of object oriented programming, with some basic knowledge of HTML and the Document Object Model (DOM).

This workshop is presented as a set of modules. In each module the reader will perform a set of tasks designed to achieve a specific goal for that module. Each module builds upon lessons learned in previous modules and is designed to iteratively build up the reader’s knowledge base.

The following modules will be covered in this workshop:

GeoExt Basics
Learn how to create a draggable map window with a WMS layer in GeoExt.
JavaScript Basics for Geospatial Web Applications
Learn about JavaScript and the basic concepts of Ext JS and OpenLayers.